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When Shari Hamrick, consulting producer of “The Scarapist,” told me that she was headed to Berlinale with our movie, I almost shot through the roof!

“The Scarapist” is not screening at Berlinale. But, it is being sold at the market!

What’s the significance? I’ll explain!

I first discovered one of the greatest loves of my life, Hildegard von Bingen, working in a classical music store in 1990. I was twenty years old and a student of philosophy. How incredible I didn’t discover her in my classes, but by way of her artistic legacy!

Hildegard von Bingen, who was born in 1098 in the Bavarian region that we now call Germany, was a leader, composer, activist, writer, theologian and herbalist. She was canonized and named the fourth female doctor of the Catholic Church in 2012.

I am in love with Hildegard. She has been a great companion. Her life has helped shape mine.

I was in the M.A. program in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It was shortly before my mother passed away. I told her that I was going to move to Los Angeles and make a movie about Hildegard. I told her that I loved her. It was the last time we ever spoke.

In 1999, I left university and moved to Los Angeles. After six years of chasing rainbows, I experienced the most traumatic event of my life. Out of it was born “The Scarapist.” Three people very dear to me intuited its significance, its unfolding.

Today, instead of the potential devastation that the experience upon which “The Scarapist” is based might have resulted, it has brought something remarkable. And it has brought me closer to the production of “Breath of God: The True Story of Hildegard von Bingen.”

Hildegard is an inspiration for women, for everyone. She breathes into incarnation that which is possible. Infinitely.

A dream to be shared with audiences the world over! Welcome to the world of Seasons & a Muse Productions, Inc. We’ll bring you the best that we and cinema have to offer!

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