The Scarapist

Award Winning Thriller Movie!

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Video On Demand

When I first saw “The Scarapist”™ on iTunes, that’s when #SGR. It really hit home, we’re out there for the world to see! I must take this time to thank our consulting producer Shari “The Texas Tornado” Hamrick for weathering the storms that come with public attention, and for helping broker our distribution deal with Silver Streak Entertainment. I’m also grateful to our social media mavens, Luckett Media. Much appreciation to the VDKUF for awarding us best picture at the 2016 Berlinale EFM. To the cast and crew, you are ah-mazing! And thank you, all of you, for noticing. Se

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When Shari Hamrick, consulting producer of “The Scarapist,” told me that she was headed to Berlinale with our movie, I almost shot through the roof! “The Scarapist” is not screening at Berlinale. But, it is being sold at the market! What’s the significance? I’ll explain! I first discovered one of the greatest loves of my life, Hildegard von Bingen, working in a classical music store in 1990. I was twenty years old and a student of philosophy. How incredible I didn’t discover her in my classes, but by way of her artistic legacy! Hildegard von Bingen, who was born in 1098 in th

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Cannes Le Marché du Film

Bonjour, mes ami! What a year! Hot off its successful festival run, limited release in Landmark Theatres and screening at the 2016 Berlinale European Film Market, indie thriller “The Scarapist,”™ winner of the VDKUF Award for Best Picture, makes its way to the sandy beaches of the French Riviera with stalwart members of our sales team! Loved by audiences and critics, the best of both worlds! Seasons & a Muse Productions have already entered into talks with distributors. And we’re meeting with even more bustling buyers at the clamorous, glamorous, glorious Le Marché du Film f

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The Scarapist and the VDKUF Award

I was sitting at my computer late Sunday on February 21, the last night of Berlinale, the international film festival and market in Berlin, Germany. I was combing through the online news, when I came across mention of Berlinale, European Film Market, “The Scarapist” and “Spicuzza.” I clicked on the article from Cinema Italiano, which was, of course, written in Italian. There was a photo of Luciano Silighini Garagnani, director of the short film “Seline.” Gianfranco Rosi won the Golden Bear for “Fuocoammare.” Luciano’s film won a German critics’ award. I read further. How ki

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Berlinale European Film Market

It’s been a remarkable year for “The Scarapist,” and the fun and excitement keep coming! We are screening at this year’s Berlinale European Film Market! The European Film Market, or EFM, is one of the four largest film markets in the world! “The Scarapist” screens in Berlin, Germany, on February 12 at 6:50 p.m. CET at CinemaxX 17. Our incredible sales team from L.A.-based XVIII Entertainment, including founder JJ Rogers, will be on hand at the screening and booth no. 124 to answer questions and field offers. This opportunity is not to be missed! We are forever thankful to our savvy

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Official Selection at the Weyauwega International Film Festival

Among my favorite phrases is rapidly becoming “official selection.” I want to thank director Ian Teal and the Weyauwega International Film Festival for including “The Scarapist” in their Friday the 13th Fright Fest night! As a native Wisconsinite, I am well aware, we are very particular about our entertainment. We seek that which tells a story, inspires, and in this case, terrifies, too. We look for something that smacks authentic. According to actor R. Michael Gull, who enjoyed well-deserved accolades for his performance as Sweenie, and actor and blogger Rex Sikes, the screening and t

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LA Femme Film Festival

It was a Friday afternoon. My cell phone rang. I answered. Production coordinator Heather Wolf was calling from LA Femme Film Festival. She asked if she’d reached me at a good time. I explained that I was just working out. Then Heather told me that my adrenaline was really about to go up. We laughed. Heather announced that “The Scarapist” had been accepted to the 2015 LA Femme Film Festival! My hormones not only went up, they shot through the roof! I literally jumped up and down! I even had a hot flash! I told Heather how thrilled I was that “The Scarapist” had been selected. When He

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Landmark Theatres

I remember the very first Landmark Theatres movie I went to see. It was shortly after John Lennon died, and the Oriental Theatre in my hometown of Milwaukee screened a five-hour Beatles retrospective. My friend Carla and I watched it from beginning to end, cheering for our favorite Beatle, along with other members of the audience. I loved the communal experience and was awed by the architecture. There’s a reason these theatres were called movie palaces! All the red plush seats, ornate archways and balconies. Afterwards, Carla and I sat at the Oriental Drugs’ lunch counter and soda foundat

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The Scarapist at Festival de Cannes

I dream of one day seeing a film of mine premiere as an official selection at the Festival de Cannes. One of my favorite movies of all time, “L.A. Confidential,” did, and it was well deserved. Even if I will not be dreamily lounging on the beaches of the Carlton Hotel, living out my Hitchcock-related “To Catch a Thief” fantasy, or reaching for my Palme d'Or, this time around, I’m thrilled that “The Scarapist,” along with stalwart members of our team, will be basking and bustling by the sea in my place. That’s right, we’re circling the globe! “The Scarapist” will be avail

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The Scarapist at Hong Kong Filmart

Every time Shari Hamrick, consulting producer for “The Scarapist,” and one of my favorite gingers, gives me a shout, I know we’re in for an adventure! So much so, we call Shari, who hails from the Lone Star State, the Texas Tornado! Shari told me about “The Scarapist” making its appearance at the Hong Kong Filmart! Shari will be in attendance with our sales agent John Rogers and XVIII Entertainment. Hooray! Stop by and visit! I read up on the event. I kept the information packet on Filmart that I received from AFM last year. Fantastic! Perfect that after its availability to buyers