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LA Femme Film Festival

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It was a Friday afternoon. My cell phone rang. I answered. Production coordinator Heather Wolf was calling from LA Femme Film Festival. She asked if she’d reached me at a good time. I explained that I was just working out. Then Heather told me that my adrenaline was really about to go up. We laughed. Heather announced that “The Scarapist” had been accepted to the 2015 LA Femme Film Festival! My hormones not only went up, they shot through the roof! I literally jumped up and down! I even had a hot flash! I told Heather how thrilled I was that “The Scarapist” had been selected. When Heather said that “The Scarapist” is exactly what LA Femme Film Festival is looking for, I felt belonging. I felt valued.

Heather and I talked about what an exciting time it is for women filmmakers. Leslie LaPage, founder of the LA Femme Film Festival, saw the future. I recall that my short film “Field Day” had been released when Leslie first brought LA Femme Film Festival to fruition. In the sixteen years since, Leslie’s vision and perseverance have helped shape new opportunities and avenues for women filmmakers the world over. I am over the moon, and truly honored, to participate in this exceptional festival!

I’m reminded of Barbra Streisand’s presenter speech during the 65th Academy Awards. I was still in college and watching the broadcast in Milwaukee with a group of friends. I screamed and applauded when she said, “Tonight the Academy honors women and the movies but I look forward to the time when tributes like this will no longer be necessary, because women will be honored without regard to gender but simply for the excellence of their work.”

As I watch the trailers of official selections coming in on the LA Femme Film Festival YouTube channel, I am awed by the quality, depth and diversity of the films, and the incredible dedication and talent of the filmmakers. Leslie LaPage and LA Femme Film Festival provide us with a testament to the significance of these contributions. Thank you participants, thank you Leslie, Heather and LA Femme Film Festival, for exemplifying that our stories matter.

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