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Landmark Theatres

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I remember the very first Landmark Theatres movie I went to see. It was shortly after John Lennon died, and the Oriental Theatre in my hometown of Milwaukee screened a five-hour Beatles retrospective. My friend Carla and I watched it from beginning to end, cheering for our favorite Beatle, along with other members of the audience. I loved the communal experience and was awed by the architecture. There’s a reason these theatres were called movie palaces! All the red plush seats, ornate archways and balconies. Afterwards, Carla and I sat at the Oriental Drugs’ lunch counter and soda foundation next door. We ate grilled cheese sandwiches and hot fudge sundaes. It felt so grown-up. I was eleven.

In college, a date and I went to the Oriental Theatre to see a late night screening of “Bagdad Café.” Throughout my college and post-college years, friends and I watched and deliberated over David Lynch’s “Eraserhead” and “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,” and foreign films like “Camille Claudel” and “Cinema Paradiso.” And, of course, we sang and danced along to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show!” My family and I stood in line at the Oriental Theatre to see the special edition of “Star Wars” in 1997. Just weeks before moving to Los Angeles, I saw “L.A. Confidential” there for the very first time. It’s safe to say that without the movies of the Landmark Theatres, I would not be the filmmaker I am.

It is our stories that connect us. “The Scarapist” team is excited to announce our limited theatrical release into Landmark Theatres this fall 2015! A cinema-inspired love affair to cherish and remember. We’ll post more specifics as the dates grow closer. I can say that it’s a perfect circle. Just like coming home.

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